Top 5 Amazon Price Tracker Tools

Tracker Tools

Tracker Tools Like all of us else, I like a good deal. And in case you are anything like me, you do maximum of your shopping on Amazon.

So, there other days, I turned into on Amazon looking to buy a new MacBook considering that my old Lenovo laptop is giving up on me and I realized that the costs have changed, yet again.

Prices on Amazon fluctuates a lot.

To counter this difficulty, I went into studies mode and got here up with five charge tracking equipment to get hold of Amazon price drop alerts.

It can prevent a variety of money by the give up of the yr.

Amazon Price Tracker Apps

1.Tracker Tools Keepa

Tracker Tools Keepa is one of the oldest and the neatest rate tracker tool for Amazon.

Although the format is pretty bland, Keepa offers a fixed of advanced gear like price history graphs, charge drop and stock availability alerts, deal alert, and browser add-ons for Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Opera.

You can search for merchandise underneath Deals through category, tiers, and income rating.

You also can look for products by way of Drop Percent Range with the intention to permit you to select a range in percent. For example, I searched for Macbook and chose 10% and it got here back with listings in which the fee has dropped by means of up to 10%.

Right underneath this is the Drop Range feature which goes further but in bucks instead of chances. You can see the historical rate of any product in graphs.

Tracker Tools

Tracker Tools Apart from the US, Keepa also tracks deals and sends price drop indicators for International websites like in the Europe and Asian markets.

Keepa is taken into consideration to be one of the best fee tracker equipment to acquire rate drop signals via emails, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and RSS feeds. To get charge drop alert thru e mail, simply tag a product.

The browser extension will make things simpler as it will allow you to view fee history right on the product web page.

Other extraordinary functions include an Android app and the capability to import wish lists.

Supported Country:  US, UK, Canada, Japan, France, India, Brazil, Mexico, and many others

Browser Addon: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Opera

Bottom line: Keepa is an amazing way to keep track of price drops, deals, and receive alerts on a number of platforms.

It has an app and works on most browsers but the presentation of data could be better.

2. Camel Camel Camel

Well, I guess the founding father of this website online likes an awesome desert safari.

Forget the name, the site does an incredible activity of monitoring costs of products on Amazon and sending deals proper into your inbox.

The browser upload-on is known as Camelizer and it is available in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

It works very just like how Keepa works.

You can look for products or use the browser add-on to view price history graphs at the product web page itself. The king of dessert can even notify you via Twitter if there’s a fee drop in your favorite product. It’s known as the Camel Concierge carrier however in contrast to Keepa, it only works on Twitter.

Other remarkable functions are Amazon locales, filter with the aid of class, wishlist sync, and search products by using coming into the Amazon URL without delay into the search bar.

What it lacks is the capacity to clear out based totally on fee and percentage variety.

CamelCamelCamel suggests the bottom and highest fee one after the other in green and red fonts which makes it clean to decide whether or not the current rate is right or now not.

Smartphone customers can use this Siri shortcut or this Android app, that use CamelCamelCamel statistics to get Amazon Price History

Tracker Tools

Supported Country: US, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, UK

Browser Addon: Firefox, Chrome, and Safari

Bottom line:CamelCamelCamel most effective loses out to Keepa in terms of functions like push notification and integration, but where it shines is UI and presentation.

It is simpler to use and gives the capability to filter out product by using date range and I like the manner it suggests the best and lowest expenses with dates.

3.Tracker Tools Jungle Search

Tracker Tools The site has been aptly named Jungle Search. Goes nicely with the forest of merchandise that Amazon has turn out to be.

Jungle Search is a enormously easy seek machine with a view to take you to web site Amazon web site whilst you hit the input button.

Tracker Tools

Tracker Tools You can filter out the products class wise or search for them using the exceedingly easy seek shape. Enter the call of the product, organization name, minimum and maximum percentage off, minimum and maximum fee, and patron opinions.

When you start the hunt, Amazon website will open in a new tab showing products primarily based on your search standards.

Needless to say, I changed into much less impressed.

Supported Country: Search on the website

Browser Addon: Doesn’t have any browser addon,

Bottom line: After using Keepa and CamelCamelCamel, Jungle Search failed to meet my expectations. It looks like a forgotten project.

4.Tracker Tools Honey

Tracker Tools Honey is a robust tool for monitoring Amazon fees. Honey is to be had as a browser upload-on on Chrome and Firefox.

The Droplist characteristic will enable you to get hold of electronic mail notifications when the costs of your favored merchandise drop.

Upon installing the addon, when you go to Amazon.Com, you will see a brand new button “Add to Droplist” the usage of which you can upload products on your Droplist. If the rate falls by way of more than 5%, you may obtain an electronic mail. When including a product, you will get an choice to watch the product for 30, 60 or ninety days.

The fee records works further in which you could see charges for the last 30, 60 or one hundred twenty days.

Supported Country: United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and India

Browser Addon: Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari

Bottom line:I preferred Honey because it is easier to apply, thanks to the “Add to Droplist” button this is brought to Amazon product pages.

Makes the entire manner that tons smooth. The date variety is rather proscribing and I hope they will cope with it inside the future.

Wrapping Up: Amazon Price Tracker Tools

Tracker Tools Shopping online may be an super revel in in case you recognize what you’re doing,

however it can be worrisome in case you don’t recognize your way around offers, price drops and gives which might be continuously converting whether it’s the vacation season or not.

I liked Keepa as it permits me to filter products via fee/percentage variety and is available on some of systems. It is likewise the simplest tool that offers an app and sends push notifications via many exceptional apps. On the other hand, CamelCamelCamel wins for it better UI and presentation of information which makes the manner quicker.

If you like surfing Amazon then you will like the Droplist function of Honey which makes it smooth to feature merchandise

In the cease, it depends to your purchasing conduct and you could use all or any 3 of them whichever manner you like.