The Best Lego Marvel Avengers Cheats, Codes, and Walkthroughs

The Best Lego Marvel Avengers Cheats, Codes, and Walkthroughs

How to unlock every character in the game

Iron Man soars over a city in Lego Marvel Avengers on PS4.

Lego Marvel Avengers has cheat codes built-in for unlocking a few secret characters and competencies, but you may should should put in substantial attempt in case you want to peer the whole lot the game has to provide.

note: These cheats work with Lego Marvel Avengers on all platforms including PS4 and PC.

How to Enter Lego Avengers Cheat Codes

Pause the sport at any time while playing and pick out Extras from the pause menu. Choose Input Code and enter the code for the corresponding cheat.

Lego Marvel Avengers Character Cheat Codes

The following characters may be unlocked with cheat codes:

Lego Marvel Avengers Character Cheat Codes
CharacterCheat Code
Amadeus Cho3ZDB2W
Butter BallMJNFAJ
Count NefariaZNCK2S
Iron Man (Mark 35 Silver Centurion)4AKZ4G

More Lego Marvel Avengers Cheat Codes

You can also release the subsequent features with cheat codes:

More Lego Marvel Avengers Cheat Codes
UnlockableCheat Code
Fast Build (ability)  5MZ73E
Minikit Detector (ability) JYJAFX
Quinjet (vehicle)9KFJ7A

Unlock Every Character in Lego Marvel Avengers

To release characters, you must entire a specific task, then buy them with studs. They are indexed in order they appear at the character pick out display; every table beneath is one row of characters on the sport’s choice screen.

Some characters do not have their own slot but are costume swaps of other characters. There are also characters that you can purchase as DLC.

CharacterHow to UnlockLocation/ChapterCost
A-BombComplete “Photo Bomb” questSokovia80,000
AbominationFind character tokenAvengers Assemble75,000
Absorbing ManFind character tokenA Loki Entrance5,000
Agent CoulsonUnlocked in story modeA Loki EntranceN/A
Agent Coulson (Destroyer Gun)Unlocked in story modeHelicarrier HavocN/A
Agent CarterUnlocked in story modeAnger ManagementN/A
Agent Carter (Retired)Complete “Midnight Malarky” questPeggy Carter mission45,000
Agent SitwellComplete “Rookies Playing Hooky” questSHIELD Base25,000
Agent WilliamsUnlocked in story modeA Loki EntranceN/A
A.I.M AgentFind character tokenMalibu5,000
Aldrich KillianFind character tokenReady A.I.M. Fire85,000
Amadeus ChovComplete “I Wrong, Man” questMalibu150,000
America ChavezFind character tokenAvengers Assemble70,000
Ant-Man (Classic)Complete “The Jury is Out” questLou Ferrigno mission250,000
AresFind character tokenShakespeare In The Park40,000
ArkonFind character tokenAsgard55,000
Arnim ZolaFind character tokenRail Hydra90,000
Arnim Zola (Classic)Complete “Not OK, Computer” questWashington D.C.150,000
Baron StruckerUnlocked in story modeNo Strings On MeN/A
BatrocFind character tokenLack of Insight10,000
Beta-Ray BillComplete “Are You Thor Real?” questAsgard25,000
Beth the Waitress Complete “Latte Arival” questLower East Side10,000
Black Goliath Find character tokenSouth Africa175,000
Lego Marvel Avengers Characters (Row 2: Bengal – Crimson Dynamo)
CharacterHow to UnlockLocation/ChapterCost
BengalFind character tokenSokovia500,000
Black WidowUnlocked in story modeShakespeare In The ParkN/A
Black Widow (A:AOU)Unlocked in story modeStruck Off The ListN/A
Blazing SkullComplete “Blazing a Trail” questWashington D.C.250,000
Blue MarvelComplete “Udderly Shocking” questPeggy Carter mission175,000
Brock RumlowUnlocked in story modeLack of InsightN/A
Bruce BannerUnlocked in story modeShakespeare In The ParkN/A
Bruce Banner (A:AOU)Unlocked in story modeStruck Off The ListN/A
HulkUnlocked in story modeEarth’s MightiestN/A
Hulk (A:AOU)Unlocked in story modeStruck Off The ListN/A
Bucky BarnesUnlocked in story modeRail HydraN/A
Bucky Barnes (Classic)Complete “Buck in Time” questWashington D.C.50,000
ButterballComplete “Snap Cat” questBarton’s Farm250,000
Captain AmericaUnlocked in story modeShakespeare In The ParkN/A
Captain America (A:AOU)Unlocked in story modeStruck Off The ListN/A
Captain America (Classic)Unlocked in story modeRail HydraN/A
Captain America (No Helmet)Unlocked in story modeHelicarrier HavocN/A
Captain America (A:AOU No Helmet)Unlocked in story modeNo Strings On MeN/A
Steve Rogers (Civilian)Unlocked in story modeShakespeare In The ParkN/A
Steve Rogers (Gym)Unlocked in story modeShakespeare In The ParkN/A
Steve Rogers (Boxing Gloves)Unlocked in story modeRail HydraN/A
Captain America (Bucky)Find character tokenEarth’s Mightiest150,000
Captain America (Sam Wilson)Find character tokenWashington D.C.150,000
Captain BritainComplete “Trouble Brewing” questWashington D.C.250,000
Captain UniverseFind character tokenStruck Off The List75,000
ChaseFind character tokenSHIELD Base30,000
Chitauri TouristFind character tokenEarth’s Mightiest20,000
Cloud 9Complete “Walking on Air” questLower East Side100,000
The CollectorCollect Every Red BrickN/AN/A
CottonmouthDefeat CottonmouthBarton’s Farm75,000
Count NefariaFind character tokenAnger Management500,000
Crimson DynamoComplete “Painting the Town” questSokovia250,000
Lego Marvel Avengers Characters (Row 3: Crossbones – Extremis Soldier)
CharacterHow to UnlockLocation/ChapterCost
Crossbones (Classic)Find character tokenStruck Off The List50,000
CrystalComplete “Synchronized Snapping” questWashington D.C.30,000
Damage ControlComplete “Here’s the Drill” questSHIELD Base10,000
DaredevilComplete “Dockside Barney” questUpper West Side250,000
Dark ElfComplete “Fighting is Bad for Your Elf” questAsgard5,000
Death LocketComplete “Hydra Hijinks” questAgent Sitwell150,000
Destroyer (Minifigure)Defeat DestroyerHarlem5,000
Demolition ManFind character tokenSokovia80,000
Detroit SteelFind character tokenAvengers Assemble350,000
Devil DinosaurComplete “Jurassic Cover-Up” questBarton’s Farm150,000
DiamondbackFind character tokenWashington D.C.60,000
Doctor Helen Cho Complete “Weapon of Choice” questSHIELD Helicarrier20,000
Doctor ListUnlocked in story modeNo Strings On MeN/A
Doctor StrangeComplete “Stranger Things Have Happened” questLower West Side450,000
Dum Dum DuganFind character tokenRail Hydra5,000
EchoComplete “Beach Boogie” questSouth Africa70,000
EggheadFind character tokenBarton’s Farm40,000
Ellen BrandtFind character tokenReady A.I.M. Fire50,000
Erik SelvigUnlocked in story modeLost in The AetherN/A
Erik Selvig (Untidy)Unlocked in story modeLost in The AetherN/A
Extremis SoldierComplete “Rubble Trouble” questSokovia20,000
Lego Marvel Avengers Characters (Row 4: Falcon – Human Torch)
CharacterHow to UnlockLocation/ChapterCost
FalconUnlocked in story modeLack of InsightN/A
Falcon (Classic)Find character tokenLack of Insight60,000
FandralUnlocked in story modeLost in The AetherN/A
FinesseComplete “Peggy in a Pickle” questPeggy Carter mission60,000
Fin Fang FoomComplete “F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.F.” questLower East Side250,000
FirebirdFind character tokenSHIELD Base150,000
GargoyleComplete “Been Through a Lot” questSokovia50,000
Gorilla GirlComplete “Splashin’ For Fashion” questBarton’s Farm120,000
GrandmasterFind character tokenSouth Africa500,000
Grim ReaperDefeat Grim ReaperWashington Heights30,000
Happy HoganComplete “Respect the Badge” questMalibu25,000
Harly KeenerUnlocked in story modeReady A.I.M. FireN/A
HawkeyeUnlocked in story modeA Loki EntranceN/A
Hawkeye (A:AOU)Unlocked in story modeStruck Off The ListN/A
Hawkeye (Classic)Find character tokenHelicarrier Havoc55,000
Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)Find character tokenBarton’s Farm75,000
Hazmat Complete “Artifact or Fiction” questSHIELD Base90,000
HeimdallUnlocked in story modeAnger ManagementN/A
HellcatComplete “Carting Carter” questPeggy Carter mission45,000
HogunFind character tokenLost in The Aether30,000
Hulk-KillerFind character tokenAnger Management950,000
HulklingComplete “Breaking Hearts” questSokovia75,000
Human Torch (Original)Complete “Turning Up the Heat” questSHIELD Base250,000

Lego Marvel Avengers Characters (Row 5: Iron Fist – Lorelei)

CharacterHow to UnlockLocation/ChapterCost
Iron FistComplete “How Now, Shou-Lao” questLower East Side75,000
Iron LegionFind character tokenNo Strings On Me25,000
Iron Man (MK1)Find character tokenMalibu10,000
Iron Man (MK5)Find character tokenMalibu50,000
Iron Man (MK6)Unlocked in story modeShakespeare In The ParkN/A
Iron Man (MK7)Unlocked in story modeAvengers AssembleN/A
Iron Man (MK16)Find character tokenNo Strings On Me16,000
Iron Man (MK17 – Heartbreaker)Find character tokenMalibu17,000
Iron Man (MK25)Complete “Cho No They Di’n’t!” questSHIELD Helicarrier25,000
Iron Man (MK33 – Silver Centurion)Complete “Lola Larks” questAgent Coulson33,000
Iron Man (MK40)Complete “Duelin’ for Fuel” questAgent Coulson40,000
Iron Man (MK42)Unlocked in story modeReady A.I.M. FireN/A
Iron Man (MK43)Unlocked in story modeStruck Off The ListN/A
Iron Man (MK45)Unlocked in story modeUltron UndoneN/A
Iron Man (Hulkbuster)Unlocked in story modeAnger ManagementN/A
Superior Iron ManFind character tokenWashington Heights50,000
Iron Man (MK38)Complete “A Refined Taste” questPeggy Carter mission38,000
Iron MongerFind character tokenMalibu100,000
Iron PatriotUnlocked in story modeReady A.I.M. FireN/A
Jack of HeartsComplete “Sitwell Surprise” questAgent Sitwell120,000
Jane FosterUnlocked in story modeLost in The AetherN/A
Jewel (Jessica Jones)Complete “Au Pair Not There” questUpper East Side40,000
Justin HammerComplete “Hammer Time” questMalibu20,000
Klaue HenchmanFind character tokenRise of Ultron50,000
KomodoFind character tokenKorea Prospects60,000
KorvacDefeat KorvacSHIELD Base100,000
KurseFind character tokenLost in the Aether80,000
LaufreyFind character tokenAsgard30,000
Laura BartonFind character tokenBarton’s Farm5,000
LeaderFind character tokenA Loki Entrance50,000
LightspeedComplete “Pipe Dreams” questPeggy Carter mission75,000
Loki Story ModeUnlocked in story modeEarth’s Mightiest125,000
Loki (No Helmet)Unlocked in story modeLost in The AetherN/A
Loki (Suit)Find character tokenShakespeare In The Park125,000
LoreleiComplete “Eating Yourself Up” questAsgard60,000
Lego Marvel Avengers Characters (Row 6: Lou Ferrigno – Odin)
CharacterHow to UnlockLocation/ChapterCost
Lou FerrignoComplete “Two Hulks Are Better Than One” questLou Ferrigno10,000
Luke CageComplete “Rage Cage” questHarlem55,000
Madame B.Unlocked in story modeAnger ManagementN/A
MalekithFind character tokenLost in The Aether150,000
The Mandarin (Classic)Find character tokenKorea Prospects60,000
The Mandarin (Trevor Slattery)Complete “Pandering to Mandarin” questMalibu3,000
MantisComplete “Mudslinging Mantis” questBarton’s Farm70,000
Maria HillUnlocked in story modeA Loki EntranceN/A
Maria Hill (A:AOU)Unlocked in story modeNo Strings On MeN/A
Maya HansenFind character tokenReady A.I.M. Fire10,000
Mighty DestroyerFind character tokenAsgard500,000
MockingbirdFind character tokenSHIELD Helicarrier200,000
M.O.D.O.K.Complete “All That Remains” questSHIELD Base100,000
Moon BoyComplete “Jurassic Cover-Up” questBarton’s Farm5,000
Moon KnightComplete “Under Cover of Knight” questHarlem75,000
MoondragonFind character tokenSouth Africa80,000
Ms. Marvel (Carol Danvers)Find character tokenWashington D.C.200,000
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)Complete “Boat Selector” questSouth Africa60,000
NebulaFind character tokenSouth Africa25,000
Nick FuryUnlocked in story modeA Loki EntranceN/A
Nick Fury (Bazooka)Unlocked in story modeEarth’s MightiestN/A
NovaComplete “Not My Fault” questWashington D.C.125,000
OdinComplete “Stealthy Selfie” questAsgard75,000
Lego Marvel Avengers Characters (Row 7: The Other – Sif)
CharacterHow to UnlockLocation/ChapterCost
The OtherComplete “Chillin’ With the Chitauri” questSouth Africa100,000
Pepper PottsUnlocked in story modeRail HydraN/A
Pepper Potts (MK42)Unlocked in story modeReady A.I.M. FireN/A
The ProtectorComplete “Blueberry Blues” questSHIELD Helicarrier85,000
QuasarFind character tokenEarth’s Mightiest100,000
QuicksilverUnlocked in story modeKorea ProspectsN/A
RagnarokFind character tokenSHIELD Base25,000
RavageFind character tokenAnger Management50,000
Red HulkFind character tokenHelicarrier Havoc70,000
Red She-HulkComplete “Carting Carter 2: Cart Harder” questPeggy Carter mission60,000
Red SkullFind character tokenRail Hydra25,000
ReptilComplete “Crocodile Conundrum” questCentral Park40,000
RescueComplete “Bye-bye, Bunny” questMalibu60,000
Ronan the AccuserDefeat RonanLower East Side80,000
Ronin (Blade)Find character tokenSokovia55,000
Scarlet WitchUnlocked in story modeKorea ProspectsN/A
SentryFind character tokenStruck Off The List500,000
She-HulkComplete “Trial By Fury” questLower West Side60,000
S.H.I.E.L.D. ScientistFind character tokenA Loki Entrance10,000
SifUnlocked in story modeLost in the AetherN/A
Lego Marvel Avengers Characters (Row 8: Skaar – Ultron Sentry)
CharacterHow to UnlockLocation/ChapterCost
Skaar Find character tokenHelicarrier Havoc50,000
SpeedComplete “Getting Shirty” questLou Ferrigno mission120,000
SpitfireFind character tokenSokovia30,000
Squirrel Girl (Classic)Complete “Automatter of Fact” questPeggy Carter mission10,000
Squirrel Girl (Unbeatable)Complete “Going Nutso” questBarton’s Farm10,000
Stan LeeSave every Stan Lee in perilN/A50,000
StrikerComplete “The Betty’s Off” questPeggy Carter mission30,000
SwordsmanComplete “Stud Shenanigans” questWashington Heights60,000
TaskmasterComplete “Dance Master” questLower West Side75,000
ThanosFind character tokenUltron Undone2,500,000
ThorUnlocked in story modeAvengers AssembleN/A
Thor (A:AOU)Unlocked in story modeStruck Off The ListN/A
Thor GirlComplete “Thor Throwdown” questAsgard30,000
Thor (Jane Foster)Find character tokenAsgard20,000
ThunderstrikeFind character tokenRise of Ultron40,000
TigraFind character tokenSouth Africa60,000
Tony StarkUnlocked in story modeRail HydraN/A
Tony Stark (A:AOU)Unlocked in story modeStruck Off The ListN/A
TraumaComplete “Stalk With Me” questPeggy Carter mission20,000
Ultron (MK1)Find character tokenNo Strings On Me100,000
Ultron PrimeFind character tokenKorea Prospects200,000
Ultimate UltronUnlocked in story modeUltron UndoneN/A
Ulysses KlaueComplete “Fish Fight” questSouth Africa25,000
Union JackFind character tokenSHIELD Base75,000
Ultron SentryFind character tokenRise of Ultron25,000
Lego Marvel Avengers Characters (Row 9: Ultron Sentry Officer – X-Ray)
CharacterHow to UnlockLocation/ChapterCost
Ultron Sentry OfficerFind character tokenUltron Undone25,000
ValkyrieComplete “Valkyrior Vacancies” questAsgard85,000
VeilComplete “Mo’ Tiddles Mo’ Problems” questCentral Park40,000
ViperFind character tokenShakespeare In The Park60,000
VisionUnlocked in story modeUltron UndoneN/A
VolstaggUnlocked in story modeLost in The AetherN/A
War MachineUnlocked in story modeUltron UndoneN/A
Wasp (Classic)Find character tokenUltron Undone150,000
WendigoComplete “Ragey Taxi” questLou Ferrigno125,000
White TigerComplete “Amulet You Finish” questSouth Africa95,000
WiccanComplete “Thor Loser” questWashington Heights150,000
Winter SoldierFind character tokenLack of Insight40,000
WizardDefeat WizardWashington D.C.25,000
X-RayDefeat X-RaySokovia175,000