How to Remove Emoji Button From iPhone and iPad Keyboard

Remove Emoji Button From iPhone

Remove Emoji Not absolutely everyone loves emojis, despite the fact that they’re used every day to inject emotion and humor into conversations. Currently, it isn’t feasible to dispose of the emoji button out of your iPhone or iPad keyboard without eliminating the entire emoji keyboard, in the long run disabling emoji to your device.

But you may nevertheless need to put off the emoji button. Some of the motives you may want to do away with the emoji button encompass in case you locate your self hitting the emoji button by chance or if it irritates you. Maybe you never even use it. Disabling it from your keyboard can be a alleviation in case you don’t want to use it anymore.

What Happens When You Remove the Emoji Button

When You Remove the Emoji Button

Whatever your reason is for looking to do away with the emoji button, there’s a consequence for this. By disposing of the emoji button, you won’t be able to get entry to the it again, because it turns off emojis till you re-enable it.

Even if you disable the feature, you may still advantage access again via reversing the settings in your tool if you want to use it someday in the destiny.

If you do take away the characteristic, you may still see emojis sent through messages from the ones for your touch list, as the iPhone or iPad will nonetheless render and display emojis.

Remove Emoji Button on iPhone and iPad

To do this you’ll need to disable and remove the emoji keyboard the use of the steps beneath:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, visit Settings.
  2. Go to “General -> Keyboard.”
Remove Emoji Button on iPhone and iPad

3.Tap Keyboard.

4. In the corner of the keyboard settings, tap Edit.

5. Tap the minus (-) button near “Emoji.”

6. Tap Delete. This removes the emoji button from the iPhone or iPad keyboard.

7. Tap Done (or exit Settings).

Once you comply with the steps above you can open any app in your iPhone or iPad that displays a keyboard, for instance Notes or Messages, and discover the emoji button is gone.

How to Restore the Emoji Button

If you want to get the emoji button and keyboard returned or if you disable it by chance, you can repair it without problems using the stairs beneath:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Tap “General -> Keyboard.”

3. Select Keyboards.

4. Choose “Add New Keyboard.”

5. Tap Emoji to add the button back to the keyboard.

Note: the changes may be reversed or adjusted at any time.

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