How Do I Get My Data Off an Old Computer?

A connector can help, however there’s a superior arrangement

This is dubious, as what I’d regularly prescribe—a USB-to-DVI connector, which you’d at that point interface with a DVI-to-HDMI link, or an easier USB-to-HDMI connector—is presumably going to cost more than what you’re willing to spend on an answer. In any event, I’d likely make an inquiry or two and check whether any of my companions have a more seasoned screen with a VGA contribution before I plunked down $30-50 on a connector.

One thing worth checking is whether your old work area has a S-Video port. It’s impossible, however on the off chance that it does, and your TV has one, you can associate them together that way. It’s a longshot, however it merits investigating.

Else, I think your best alternative is to hit up Craigslist for your region and purchase somebody’s modest more seasoned presentation. Ensure they can affirm it works with a VGA signal before you pay for it, yet this will be the best and surest approach to get a picture from your framework. What’s more, in doing as such, you would then be able to begin poring once again your information and cleaning your framework.

Seeing Craigslist right now for my region, individuals are selling their old, bad, VGA screens for around $15-30. You can most likely discover something as modest as that where you live; recall, the only thing that is important is that it works, not excessively it looks beautiful, has a mammoth screen, or anything like that. Connect it to your PC, spare or erase anything you desire, and reuse that alongside your old PC.