AMD vs. Intel: Which one is best

Overclocking – Pushing its Limit

Overclocking is not for everyone. Period. Unless you are a PC enthusiast, you wouldn’t even think about this because most people don’t want to brick their processors or void warranty by pushing it too much.

Both Intel and AMD try to offer their best allowing you to make the most of what the chipset is capable of.

When you go for Intel i5 or i7 processors, you will probably come across the term K used to denote that those processors are being shipped unlocked.

With a compatible motherboard, you can probably push a simple 3.5 GHz processor all the way up to 4 GHz and maybe even more if your cooling setup permits it.

That leads to additional purchases such as a liquid cooling solution from Corsair or other brands to compensate the overheating processor.

In the past and now, AMD has been really good at allowing people to take control of their processors to milk their best performance.

If you are opting for a Ryzen PC, you can go for the X series in Ryzen 3, 5 and 7 all of which are equivalent of the Intel K processors.

There is no price control on these products because you can find something as low as $120 as there are overclocking friendly entry-level processors from both companies.

Be aware that overheating is a very common issue and too much of strain could switch off the processor automatically to avoid any damage. In the latest launches, AMD has revealed the extremely powerful Thread-ripper PCs to compete against Intel i9 processors. They are going head to head in terms of performance and this is definitely one area where the end result will be a tie.

Winner – Tie