AMD vs. Intel: Which one is best

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The world of gaming is a mixed bag of stuff, especially in a time when AMD and Nvidia graphics cards are competing for superiority in the space.

If you haven’t come across this yet, know that both the current general consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are powered by AMD chipsets.

It doesn’t mean they are the best processors for gaming, but when it comes to providing an all-in-one chipset where you don’t have to buy a dedicated GPU, it is the wisest option, which is why Sony and Microsoft have opted for the same.

Intel is relatively strong in the gaming zone, especially if you are a dedicated gaming enthusiast who invests in a GPU. Most modern games like Battlefield V, Hitman or Call of Duty Black Ops III are designed to make use of multiple cores. These games have favored AMD in a way that they can perform much better. The company has also had exclusive contracts with some games like Battlefield to provide better frame rates and overall performance.


The best part ends there because Intel processors as a whole are considered the best for all types of gaming. Be it demanding titles like Total War, first-person shooters or single player games like the Tomb Raider series, recent tests confirmed that Intel delivers at least 10 fps more than AMD which is a significant jump for most gamers. The tests were conducted based on both Nvidia and AMD cards but the results were the same.

The comparison is not complete because Intel has recently partnered with AMD to integrate their graphics processors on their chipsets. The partnership allowed them to make slim and more powerful laptops that are expected to become the norm in the next few months. While AMD rules once again if you are looking for a budget-friendly gaming machine for MOBA or FPS, Intel is extremely powerful for gaming, but you should invest in a graphics card.

Winner – Intel